Saltwater & Freshwater Tank Maintenance

Thank you for visiting our website for Artistic Aquarium maintenance service.

We provide monthly care for saltwater and freshwater aquaria. With 26 years of aquarium maintenance experience, we strive to provide reliable weekly or biweekly service for private home and business accounts.

Free estimates will be given to all prospective clients.

Every effort will be made to provide service on the customer's time period request.

It is our goal to bring you the best, most consistent quality aquarium service in the Boise area. Artistic Aquarium is a professional company with almost 30 years of business background. Our company is bonded and insured for our customers security and peace of mind.

Without making any medical claims, numerous studies have been done as to the benefits of an aquarium in your personal spaces. Adults and children both enjoy watching aquariums. So it is time to bring a part of nature's art into your home or business.

Artistic Aquarium Maintenance has a full range of services. We move tanks of all sizes and lease and maintain aquariums to both residential and commercial properties. Artistic Aquarium Maintenance is also a supplier of frozen fish food - high in quality and protein and not consisting of 90% water like frozen fish food sold in retail stores.

Artistic Aquarium Maintenance provides free consultation for home and business aquarium set-up, sales and monthly maintenance service. Call 9am to 6pm for any questions you might have about aquariums and our service.

References from our clients are available.
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